For Slots Players: These Are the Best Casino Bonuses

Written by  on April 30, 2015

Every enthusiast of online slot game knows that the big part of the play is to take full advantage of the bonuses that casinos give since every online casino’s way of attracting many players is by giving extras and freebies. However, bonuses differ from one casino to the other, some give higher than others. This is the reason why it is very important to be knowledgeable of the bonuses that you give the highest value.

First, the kind of bonus that is least important but you must take advantage of are daily or weekly bonuses. They are offered for a specific period of time and for short duration only to attract players for a specific game. These bonuses are given when casinos introduce new games or want to attract more players to play the game for a certain period of time. Usually, these bonuses are smaller in amount, casinos offer from $20 to $50 when a player participates. If you have been playing some time for real money, getting extra cash when you play a certain slot must be taken advantage. One of the examples of this kind of bonus is offered by the Kostenlos Book of Ra.

kostenlos book of ra

Second, an important type of bonus offered by casinos is the sign up bonus. It is a one-time bonus but this kind is offered in higher value than any other types that are usually available online. For online casinos, the most important thing is to attract more and more new players each day to their house. For this reason, they give tons of values when a player signs up. This kind of strategy has been the norm of the industry. Bonuses of this kind are offered by doubling the deposit or even more for some online casinos. In some cases, other industry companies will make a deal with a certain online casino and their deals will be offered to the players. Usually, sign up bonuses come with codes so that the player can claim extra credits or free cash.

Third, one of the most essential kinds of online casino bonuses is referred to as the reload bonus. This is similar to a sign up bonus but is only given to existing casino members, those who want to avail some value once they deposit. Reload bonuses are very essential for all enthusiasts of online slot games especially for those who play real money since they have wider variances of winning or losing in their play.

Fourth, a type of bonus that has become important recently is the use of the mobile casino bonus. This is done by most online casinos, they offer many incentives and they range from a mere sign up bonus to even cash by just trying them out.

This article hopes that you will be able to know how to value the bonuses offered by online casinos worldwide.

Olympic Betting Legalized in Nevada

Written by  on March 4, 2015

Olympic betting is coming back in the sports books of Nevada.

The Nevada Game Control has approved the amendment of the gaming regulations of the state on Thursday, thereby allowing betting in online casino Belgium on sports and athletic events that are authorized by the International Olympic Committee.

The men’s basketball team in the US is considered as a minus-320 favorite to win a gold medal in Olympics 2016. The US is also favored to win more gold medals than China, and Brazil is plus-250 to win a gold medal in soccer for men.

Joe Asher, the CEO of William Hill, said in his statement, “With more than two out of every three Americans have watched the London Olympics in 2012, the games in Rio have the potential to make a sizable impact in August of 2016, like we saw last June with the World Cup. We look forward to continually expanding our Olympic menu in the next 18 months leading up to the games.”

Olympic Betting in Nevada was actually prohibited since 2001 when Senator John McCain pushed for a ban on gambling on amateur sports. At that time, the Nevada books were not taking bets on various schools in the state. This has put the state on a disadvantage compared to some states that allow Olympic betting.

Online Casino Belgium

The Vice President and deputy general counsel for sports book operator CG Technology, Quinton Singleton, and told ESPN during an interview, “You’d have people coming over from the UK, where it was legal to bet on the Olympics, and wondering why they couldn’t place a bet here. This is a good thing for the industry and will help drive business during what sometimes can be a slow period (the summer) for the books.”

There is a consideration, however, regarding the limiting of gambling in events such as ice skating and gymnastics, wherein the winners are decided by the judges themselves. However, Gaming Control decided to allow betting on any sanctioned event; but it’s still subject for consideration by the chairman of the board.

According to the vice president of Westgate SuperBook, Jay Kornegay, although some Olympic events won’t be much of an impact, other events especially those that feature prominent Americans may become popular.

“I would think there might be some interest in events like, for example, women are downhill skiing with Lindsey Vonn. Overall, this just allows us to be a little more competitive with the rest of the world,” says Kornegay.

Tips to Beat Casino Tactics

Written by  on February 6, 2015

You may have read articles about the tricks that Casinos use to their players, this time, it will be the other way around as this article is going to teach you how to beat those tactics. They are the following:

Cash Outs

The cashiers in casinos are trained personnel, even their machines are programmed. They provide players with the biggest possible bill denominations when they give cash outs. This is one of the tricks they use because they know each player will pass through a maze to get out, this will eventually tempt him to play in one of the games or a particular machine. So, when you think of playing just another dollar, you will discover that you only have $5 as your smallest bill. This means that you will spend more than what is planned because you do not have small bills. Also, it is wrong to say nobody won in a casino; in fact, it is filled with winners and sometimes very big winners. However, you must also consider how much they spent to become big winners since it only happens once-in-a-blue-moon to win such huge amounts yet a player did not pay excessive amounts too. Have you noticed that most of the casino players are 50 years old and up? This is because they can afford to spend more. This is the problem with casinos, you need to cash out huge amount of money in order to win more.

If you are hesitant about this, then you can try online betting sites since a player can place small bets yet has a chance of winning big. Also, play only with reputable betting sites because they provide promotions and even free bets, for instance, there are more Bitcoin betting sites to play with to experience for yourself the difference of casinos and online betting sites.

bitcoin betting sites

No Systems

When it comes to methods on how to beat casino, there is a very long list of references, all are claiming they are time-tested methods. Everyone has a system, they claim it works for them. However, if you are going to ask around, you will find out that they are making money because of selling books and not literally playing in casinos. If all the systems in books and in the Internet work, do you think casinos will still have a business? This means that you cannot look for a perfect system to defeat the odds in favor of yourself or else, it is just a waste of money when you want to try a system. Largely, gambling is a luck and you cannot control them.

These are very simple tips yet people neglect them before they could lose a huge amount of money in casinos.

Basic Evaluation of Hands In Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

Written by  on December 4, 2014

Omaha Hi/Lo, also called Omaha Eight Or Better, is an action game. Few hands end before the river. Because of this, novice players tend to play all hands believing that any combination of pocket cards can potentially win the pot.

Basic Evaluation of Hands In Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

Any player who wants to win a hand at the river needs to know how their hand rates before the flop. This article is a basic introduction of how to understand the pocket cards that the player is dealt, and is for anyone just starting to play this fascinating variation of poker.

Please see this article for the basics on how to play both Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo.Evaluating A Starting Hand Against Many Players

The key to any hi/lo game is to scoop the pot, or win both the high and low hands. Keeping this in mind, players can use two things as a basis for evaluating their starting hands: The value of the cards and the number of players at the table.

Aces are most valuable in Omaha Hi/Lo since they are often needed to have the best possible hand, also called the nuts. The number of people at the table changes the chances of all four aces being in play. For example, with 10 players at a table, 40 cards are dealt as hole cards. With that many cards in play, it’s extremely likely that only the nuts will win the hand. Many players, therefore, opt to fold any hand that doesn’t have an ace because of the high probability that all aces are out and an ace will be needed to win.

That doesn’t mean that all hands without aces should automatically be folded. Cards with only high cards (kings, queens, and jacks) or with three high cards and one low card (so there is no hope of winning the low hand) can be played, but with caution. Players with these hands should not raise and should not stay in the hand if another player makes a high raise.

Pocket cards that have hopes of only winning the low can be played against a large number of people because of the chances that the pot will be big enough that winning half will still be a lot of chips. Remember, low hands often end in ties as well, which means players may be working for a quarter of the pot, which means only getting the bet back, or worse, losing money. A player who wins a quarter of the pot only gains if there are five or more people in the hand.Evaluating A Starting Hand Against A Few Players

With fewer players at a table, three or four at most, chances are better that the player does not need the best cards to win. With four players, 16 cards are dealt at the start, which is less than one-third of the deck.

Aces are still the most powerful card, but hands without aces should be played more often. Hands with mid-cards only (sixes, sevens, eights, and nines) which should never be played at a full table, can be played with extreme caution against a low number of players. These hands should be folded after the flop if no decent hand has been made.

Fewer players, though, means it is less likely to be profitable to play for only half of the pot. That means hands that can potentially win both the high and low hands, or only the high hand in case there is no low hand, are more important than those that can win only the low.

If opening bets from other players start to get high, hands that can only win the low — those with twos through eights — should be folded. Hands with three low cards and one ace can be played as long as there is another card in the hand of the same suit, giving the player a shot at the best possible flush. If there are no cards of the same suite as the ace, the hand can be played with extreme caution, with the player being prepared to fold if the flop does not give any chance of making any kind of high hand.

Free Card Games

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Everybody loves free card games. Card games, as the name suggests, are games played with cards. They can both be played indoor and outdoor, in a playground, while you are traveling, and even while you are doing other activities like watching television. Card games are popular with people of all age groups and played all over the world. A pack of cards usually consist of 52 cards, a four-suit deck. However, in a game, the number of cards depends on the requirement of the game. Tarot cards consist of 78 or more cards.

Computer card games are also becoming increasingly popular. Some of the popular free computer card games include poker, solitaire, and bridge. Though card games are played for fun, yet they can also be played as a challenge to other players and have some rules of playing as well. Free card games on the Internet could do not necessarily mean that only one person can play them. Computer could act as the other player. In fact, online card games are becoming so popular these days that there are online tournaments which could even help you win cash with your card-playing skills.

Free Card Games

History of Card Games

Free card games on the Internet are a recent development. They became popular when Microsoft included a version of Spider Solitaire in its Windows 3.0 software in 1990. However, the history of cards dates back to the ninth century. Given below is a dateline of the history of cards:

*Ancient Chinese people invented cards in ninth century*Appeared around 1300 AD in Europe *Spread fast around 1380s from Spain and Italy to France and Germany*By 1534, there were about 35 different card games*Around 1800s, the Americans began to use their own cards and also invented Joker

Cards are usually made of heavy paper, thin card or thin plastic and decorated with distinctive motifs. A game of cards begins either as an invitation from somebody or when certain changes are made in an existing game. The rules of the game may depend on the players who are playing the game.


Free Card Games

*Card games, like other games, promote interaction.*They help develop practical skills and involve mental stimulation.*They help one to enjoy the thrill of taking risks.*They may even teach the kids some basic skills like spelling, visual identification, and increased memory.

Many websites these days have freeware computer card games which help you to easily download shareware programs or even software for a price for some advanced features. Once you have downloaded the free card games, you can launch the games on your personal computer and either play alone or play against the computer. So, enter the exciting world of free card games and enjoy to the hilt. Happy gaming!


Casino Grade Automatic 6 Deck Refurbished Card Shuffler: A Critical Review

Written by  on May 17, 2014

Card shuffler is the most practical and convenient device, which is used by anyone, who loves to play with different playing cards. They play it with these cards whether for amusement purpose or for professional purpose.

There are some old folks, who always appreciate these kinds of tools when they are fidgeting with their playing cards in a solitaire game or any other game of cards. There are different kinds of card shufflers, which are widely used.

Casino Grade Automatic Card Shuffler Refurbished 6 Deck is a very authentic card shuffler, which has gained wide popularity across the world. This kind of card shufflers is seen in action in many real casinos all across the world. The Random Ejection ShufflerT by VendingDataT Corporation is the most authentic in the production of the versatile shuffler.

In this card shuffler, you can have independent and true card selections. In this machine, any card be ejected from the card tray at any point of time, and it can be further restacked in a very unpredictable manner. In this machine, the expert players will not get any advantage due to its authenticity.

In this shuffling machine, all the memorized sequences and clump slugs are all eliminated. There are some different and beneficial features, which are provided by Casino Grade Automatic Card Shuffler Refurbished 6 Deck. The users must go through them for a better understanding of the product.

There are many shuffling machines, which are widely used in the different casinos, but there some defects in those machines, which do not enable them, randomized shuffling. However, this machine always ensures its users a complete and randomized shuffling. In all the professional casinos, this machine has a very good grade quality.

It is due to its authenticity that the grade has been rewarded to this machine. The machine takes very less time to shuffle. It can shuffle from 1 to 6 decks very efficiently. In fact, the machine can shuffle 6 decks in not more than 4 minutes. The shuffling is done by the machine as the game goes on.

Casino Grade Automatic 6 Deck Refurbished Card Shuffler: A Critical Review

The machine can easily accommodate cards of plastic and papers of different types. The design of the machine is very catchy and compact. The weight of the machine is very light and the size is very portable. The volt of the machine is not more than 110, and there is no extra electrical feature in it. The plug of the machine is very scientific and it can go very easily into any household outlet.

Casino Grade Automatic Card Shuffler Refurbished 6 Deck is fully refurbished in the factory. The machine is fully tested and renovated in the factory, so that it can be easily used in the households. The company gives a warranty period of 60 days after the day of purchase.

It means that if you have any problem with the machine, the company can repair it free of cost, but it must be before the warranty period. The machine has no complication in its process; it can be started only through a button. Moreover, its operation is done through only a single button.

Cat Poker

Written by  on April 20, 2014

We can play Cat Poker anytime. If we want the cat to be affectionate, we should.

A terrible thing can happen to cats when they are no longer cute. Like cut flowers or lemon meringue pies, kittens have expiration dates. Sadly, this is when many people lose interest.

Just as it starts getting really interesting.

Kitten have high energies and short attention spans. It’s part of what makes them the adorable assets they are, but they are babies, and not capable of the deep relationships that are the crown jewel in the cat’s Pet Crown. They are kittens for no more than a year, but they are cats for the rest of their lives.

People want to keep the relationship going, but often falter here. They are baffled and hurt by the growing kitten’s display of independence, not understanding that this signals a next step in the relationship. Kittens are a parent/child relationship, as are dogs throughout their lives. But cats grow up and expect a different kind of dynamic. They want the relationship to become friend/friend.

Friends are equal players in the relationship. One person is not expected to do all the work. When the kitten turns pensive, observes us from a distance, or isn’t as much of a visible presence as they used to be, some people shrug, put it down to the independence of cats, and move on.

That’s not what is happening. The kitten is hoping we will miss them. They want to know if we care about them so much that we will seek them out.

So that is what we must do.

If we miss the cat, go ahead and miss the cat. Start calling them. Wonder aloud where they might be, while checking what we know are their favorite places. This shows caring, familiarity, and importance. What cat can resist that?

When we and the cat are reunited, let there be joy. We are glad to see them. They will be glad to see us.

They will, be assured they will.

Because we have just seen them and raised them. Now they have to make an extravagant gesture towards us.

If one thinks cats are not affectionate, one has not played who-loves-more with a cat. It’s a tough game, because we have to keep raising as long as they do. But we must see them and raise them. They can’t, and keep their self-respect, keep pressing their attentions on someone who seems not to return it.

At some point, the kitten will play the game less and less, and then fold. We will feel sad.

And they will, too.

Pamela Merrit runs the blog, The Way of Cats, and has just published the first in a series of eBooks, Cat 911, designed to help with cat care problems.

Casino Games Online For Fun And Entertainment With An Eye For Earning Some Real Money

Written by  on February 24, 2014

Whenever one hears of casinos, the glitter and the neon crosses the mind. The imaginative thoughts build an image of a lot of sound, music and rattling of coins and voices calling different calls. Blackjack, spin, slot machines, etc are common games that are found in the land casinos. Since the time, the casino games online came into force, the concept has fast caught up with the online gamers.

Casino Games Online For Fun And Entertainment With An Eye For Earning Some Real Money

For them, this place is like the real land casino with the fun and entertainment as usual to the casinos of the land. The advantage is the easy accessibility through the internet as this communication system has got a global presence. One is no more required to travel the distance to a real casino, with so much virtual places opening up. It is not possible to travel from a different continent say Asia to the Las Vegas in America. Besides being convenient, there are other factors that are advantageous without compromising on the thrill factor.

A common perception that is associated with casinos is the loss of hard earned money. Although this fact has never been a deterrent for the fans of casino, the real money casino doesn’t require the players to put in a dime of their money. There are so many offers that are going around, that people can keep on playing and winning through the free casino games. There are options for playing free so that people can continue without paying anything for the casino games.

For the beginners, there are enough tutorials where they can have a hand in a casino game to absorb the fun factor. This is a good option, if one is trying to have a feel of the online casino, before wagering actual money. Although, one wouldn’t be able to win any money, such trial games are good enough for people who want to have fun and at the same time, learn the tricks of the real money casino.

With its set of limitations where real people are not found, these virtual worlds of casinos through the internet allow people to free casino games and other playmates and co-players for chatting and enjoying the show. There might a few games in these places, yet the existing slot machines, card games, poker, Baccarat, roulette, etc have enough fun packed into them.

Even in the online casino games, there is enough winning chance and different games, that the players would be literally spoilt for choice. The payment options are also quite easy in these casinos. With good platforms of these online gambling centers, the payment can be done through netbanking, credit cards and the winnings are similarly deposited without any frills.

There are plenty of advantages for those who want to try their hands in real money casino. For the beginners there is enough opportunity to understand the nuances of the game. The payout is also quite comparable with the real casinos. Those who want to have a game or two and enjoy the show, can do so, without worrying about limits of money and fear of getting sucked into temptation.

The Effects of Poker Chips on the Mind

Written by  on November 21, 2013

Here’s the scenario: You’re sitting at a $5/$10 no-limit game of Texas Hold-em at your local casino. You walked in with $500 and bought several stacks of chips. Now, you’re up to $1000 because you’ve been playing well. You want to leave with at least as much as you came in with. The cards have been dealt, and you have pocket aces—the best possible starting hand. The blinds are relatively low, but the guy sitting to your right bets $200—a huge amount considering the situation. Chances are you have a better hand than him. You should call. No, you should raise. You don’t hesitate. Then, when you flop a third ace, the guy to your right goes all-in for a total of $1000. The odds are in your favor—he’s been playing aggressively the entire game, and at this point, there are maybe two hands that can beat yours depending on what’s on the board. You don’t hesitate to go all-in.

Why not? Why would you not stop to think about such a huge move?

Good players would say that if the odds were right, you should call no matter what. But average players shouldn’t be able to just throw such a huge amount of money away.

But that’s the point, they’re not really throwing money away—they’re throwing chips.

It is much easier to throw $1000 in poker chips into a huge pot than it would be to count out ten $100 bills. The chips aren’t really a form of currency; they don’t really mean anything to the inexperienced player. Sure, they represent money, but they are not money themselves. This allows people to spend days in casinos throwing away countless sums of money on blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and any other games offered.

The same idea applies to credit and debit cards. People seldom hesitate to swipe their bank cards while they’re at the mall. The conscientious shopper does, of course, but they are the minority. Bank statements and credit card bills come as a shock to people because they don’t keep track of the money they’re spending because they’re not technically spending money; they’re just swiping a card. Writing checks is a similar situation. Short of counting out individual bills, people have a serious issue with comprehending how much money they are spending. This effect is compounded when performing online transactions.

On top of that, I find myself more likely to spend smaller bills than larger bills because it makes me feel like I’m spending less than I actually am.

Until people develop a real sense for how much they are actually spending, they should stay away from credit and debit cards, online shopping, and casinos.

It’s for the best.

Have You Played at a Live Web Cam Casino? by Dan Roberts II in Recreation at iSnare Free Articles

Written by  on August 8, 2013

Have you tried playing your favorite casino games at a live web cam casino? If your answer is no, you’re most definitely missing out on a lot. There are lots of things that can be gained by playing at a live web cam casino. The webcam feature definitely amps up your already exciting casino games. Back when the webcam feature hasn’t been invented, online casino gaming somehow felt like child’s play, especially for serious casino players who take pride in their casino skills. However, the webcam feature came along, and serious casino players and beginners alike were finally given the chance they needed to access their much loved games anytime, anywhere, and with the real casino drama.

If you want to try playing at a live web cam casino, you can start by looking for an online casino that offers the live web cam feature. There are lots of these around, but you should choose wisely. Online casinos differ based on the casino software they use, and on the quality of their other services. When we say “other services”, here are the things you should check: deposit and payout methods, payout accuracy and security, game variety, and the additional bonuses and promotions that you can win. To help you choose the right casino to sign up with, you can visit review sites and read user testimonials to find the best online casino out there. Our most recommended by far are and, to name some.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can simply create an account. Some casinos allow you to create a free account by just asking for a username, an e-mail address, and a password. Signing up will only take you a few seconds. However, when you are about to deposit money into your account, you will then be asked for more details. But until then, you can simply enjoy casino games for free and without any hassle. Some casinos, on the other hand, might ask you to fill up a rather extensive form upon initial registration so you can access the available games. After signing up, you can choose between fun play or real money mode. Some casinos do not offer the live games for free or fun play. But you can still access the live dealer games even without cash deposits with DublinBet’s no-deposit games. If you choose to play for fun, you will be given fake credits, or a fun balance. You will use your fun balance to place your bets. At any point in the game, and with just one click of a button, you can easily shift from practice mode to real money mode.

But regardless of whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, the web cam feature will definitely help intensify your casino experience by taking you deeper into the game, or by surrounding you with a casino ambiance. The web cam feature can also help you play better. The webcast, which involves both video and audio, will help stimulate your game performance and help you concentrate on winning your game. Since you can easily feel like you’re in an actual casino, you will be inspired to go for the casino gold.